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nesta and the blondes

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After four years of beautiful experiences Nesta And The Blondes are less blond, less band mates but on stage more energetic than ever. You can see growth wherever you look and how we know growth always brings up changes and new, better fitting things. After Tiziana and Jennifer left the band in August 2021 N.A.T.B keep on as a trio but soon ran into Benjamin Richner their lovely friend, who was a perfect match for their "not just a band thing". NATB is profiting now from his amazing drum-skills and is happy to wrap-in another lovely soul. 

How everything started ..

In a very snowy village in the mountains of Grisons, Switzerland, in a villa full of fantasy, love and passion, this is where the music of nesta and the blondes comes into existence. Fresh, rockin, warm, innocent and unpretentious - the music has its roots in their very own homestudio. A lot of energy, creativity and the joy of honest music reigns in the Villa La Fortunata.

Five friends, who met in the snowboarder’s paradise sharing their passion for this sport.
And music was always a big part of it.

When Michelle came up with this dreamy Villa Project “where all the dreams come true” in 2016 no one knew that it was the beginning of the band nesta and the blondes. Andrea Corona (songwriting, vocals, guitar), Lorenzo Corona (bass) and Michelle Früh (vocals, synthesizer) just moved together with Jennifer Kopp (drums), Tiziana Hossmann (Metallophone) and other friends.

So everything fell into place when Andrea called up for jam sessions in our own music space in the Villa. He as the most experienced brought the band on it’s journey full of adventures and even more bonding friendships.

He said: “I don’t want a band with the best musicians, I want a band with my best friends.”

And this is how nesta and the blondes go on stage today. As friends, who love to share their music.


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