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Album"Come Inside" 

Artist: Nesta And The Blondes

Titel: Come Inside

Release Date: 06.03.2020

Rated by 9/9


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What tells about our album ...

The band Nesta and the Blondes is a very exciting new discovery, which could also cause a sensation outside of the canton with their debut album “Come Inside”. The Grisons Quintet shows how cosmopolitan young savages are today and manages to enchant with their work. Here rocky guitars melt lightly with fine moments and a very unique sound image is already emerging, for which other bands would need years. They are pretty mature songs, and yet the formation has retained its youthful playfulness, which leads me to the following conclusion: Pop music is again coming up in the Grisons, which has the potential to storm the charts!

Recorded by the awesome La Masia Musiclab, Barcelona -

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